Commercial Lawsuit Funding

Get commercial litigation funding for all your business needs.

Commercial litigation can be especially complex. Not only does the plaintiff have to deal with the legal system, which is slow moving in itself, the plaintiff must also deal with Commercial Litigation corporations, businesses and insurance companies; each of whom has a vested interest in prolonging the commercial litigation process and ensuring, if you get paid that they pay you the lowest amount possible. It is not uncommon for those representing the interests of the defendant to intentionally stall and prolong the conclusion of a lawsuit in an effort to force the plaintiff into settle for a dollar amount less than what they deserve. Sadly, this tactic is often successful.

Legal Cash LLC understands the capital needs of businesses of all sizes and how a lawsuit can jeopardize their future. This is why we founded our commercial litigation funding division, to help create custom financial solutions for companies and law firms by leveraging their future settlement award for upfront investment capital. 

Legal Cash LLC can help you get back on your feet financially today with our non-recourse, low interest and, best of all, fast, commercial litigation loans. The money tied up in a lawsuit is yours, you should have to wait for it.

Why should you consider lawsuit funding?

No application fees
No credit check

No delay (in most cases, you can obtain your cash advance within 24 hours).
No hidden fees
No limitations on how you use your money.
No monthly payments
No risk (our lawsuit loans are non-recourse meaning that if you do not win or settle your case, you do not need to repay the loan)

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